06 September, 2014

Devil Speaks

I have seen the souls of men
the spite and hate and lust and greed
I have seen through the eyes of men
for sin is natural not nature’s breach

Men destroy what they love
for they slash feathered birds to keep them close
Man cares not for prolonged pain
if given he is a moment’s pleasure

I tempted men to sin, for gladly they did
lost in lust and meld in malt
they care not for an unwilling soul’s cry
they care not for scars of life
they care not to snatch one off dignity
they care not if it leads to their own misery
For pleasure of the flesh is pleasure prodigious
so easy to lead astray, is in that condition
Stories befell, and shall befall
for man shall sin, till the devil falls

Man created rules and society, to facilitate existence
and lost sight of his need, to save his creation
For rules are all, I’ve let remain
rules which bind him, and make him afraid
Fearful, of the voice in his heart, for the voices of his society
the voices which go silent, the moment his life enters jeopardy
Man created God, to keep him from me
I told man, His will be seen
He, deserves acceptance, in all walks of life
and who does not follow, is enemy of thine
And Man warred, he warred for God
some warred for riches, some for fame
some warred for power, others for the game
For all now, was in the name of the Holy one
who was to keep man from sin in the first place

Man imposed his will, in life and beyond death
for his will lived in his rules, beyond question vulgar faith
For social rituals, became bigger than the reason of their being
for man forgot His Holiness, would shallow gestures never need

But not God but I, I lie within the chasms of the soul of man
I have seen within, and found my image in every corner of his heart
Man, a creature of need and greed not love or care
man, misunderstood is, is not the creator but destroyer
For man is nature’s way of closing the great cycle of life
for no greater parasite, could nature befall on itself
For no other creature, fails to reach a balance with nature yet lives on
for no parasite, consumes, and does not move on

I have seen men, walk over brothers
without regret without a tear in the heart
Devoid of feeling understanding any emotion
Man cares not to hog while another starves infront of him
man would strive for all the Earth and Moon and stars,
while 6 feet of land is all he needs

Man loves no one, not the general good
not the society he obeys
not the God he worships
not the woman who provides for him
not the child dependant on him
not himself, for his own being
Man loves perceptions, created by others
man works to fulfil, the goals deemed fit by others
If a man, steps out his toe
either becomes a legend if I sleep
or an outcaste, as I deem fit

For I provide all comforts, man may need
and I only ask for his soul, which he happily gives
Man, does not regret, for regret is unknown to him
he only feels emptiness, for his soul is now devoid of him
I reside now, in the voice of men
the voice they utter the voice they hear
The one voice, I could not conquer
the inner voice the inner call
I taught man to ignore
I taught society, to stake the one who chooses not to
Man preached his God, but I was the one preached
Man fell one day and died, and I was the one who lived

Vishal Gupta
June 18th, 2013

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