06 February, 2015


I  remember the night,
I’d asked you to go
you were much surprised
I was yours no more.

You kept calling me back
I did not return
I wouldn’t you knew
Alone your heart had burnt.

I had promised you,
To never let you go
Still I know it was me
How could I be so low.

I lost your trust
I lost love
I lost a friend
It all came to an end.

Now I have broken you
and you have gone afar
Still I don’t know why
Misses you my heart.

But you did not leave alone
A part of me went with you
Now I smile no more
What have you done to me.

Thinking of your eyes
Still makes me cry
And those lovely moments
Ask if it all was a lie.

Now I walk alone
On the roads of life
I find no one else
To fill my heart’s void.

I feel unready
to find someone new
Just so that I don’t hurt her
As I’d hurt you.

It feels alone
I’m not used to this
Without you by my side
I have no shoulder to cry.

But I can’t call you back
I can’t find someone else
I don’t know how it’ll be
I can’t go on like this.

I am mush ashamed
for what I have done
but even you understand
my intents weren’t bad.

I can neither go on
Nor can I stay
I can just lament
On the blunder I made.

Now I don’t find trust
Not even for myself
And all I ask you
Is pardon for me.

Please forgive me
And be my friend
Just as it used to be
We can have it you’ll see.

We’ll be back
Just as before
And be merry again
and be assertive of self.
And be not alone
We’ll be there
for one another
And we’ll be back
as we were before.
Be passionate again
and work wonders
‘cause only when we’re over grief
we can work our best.

Now I take thy leave
Saying all I had
Now I feel a burden
lifted from my back.

I bid you goodbye
Only to find you back
And I would love to see
Once again, you smiling back at me.

Vishal Gupta
June 28, 2010