24 February, 2015


Dedicated to the girl who taught me about Wanderlust, a very strong innane and irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world.


Her feet know they must not stop
her awe-inspired eyes won’t let them
For she is the traveler,  who lives multiple lives
when the rest can’t get enough of one

She knows no possessions and seeks no wealth
but friends on the way and a word or two kind
Her treasures are her memories bereft of theft
her ambition only to see another Sun shine

Some say she leads a lonely existence
she thinks of the world as her mate
Her rucksack is her constant companion
her constant source of strength and grace

Seldom grows she weary of walks
yet she can’t help but move on
For this path demands enslaving her
and she unquestionably submits to its will strong

For to see new sights is not a diversion she bears
Wanderlust is all but this
She lives to see earn experiences and live more
than you or me have ever dreamt

It’s not her need or want or desire or call
It’s the only way she understands life
For when we live seeking time from life
She lives to seek life from time

Vishal Gupta
November 30th, 2014