31 May, 2013

In Search Of The One

It’s been an year, since my phone last rang
to tell me you have something to say
Your last one, had ended with a goodbye
it was the first goodbye you said to me
and I knew it would be the last one

One year later, I think
I feel the emptiness in my heart
I know you will never come back,
we have been through that road
I wonder if anyone ever will
to fill the hole you made
to stay in the place I made for you

I wonder if there is someone alive
on the face of the planet today
whose face will mean what yours did
Seeing whose smile, there would be tears of joy in my eyes
Someone, who would throw her weight against me
knowing, she will always find support in me
Someone, who would lean against me
finding my arms fastening her close to me
Someone, whose eyes will lit up
when she walks towards me
Someone, who’d hug me everytime she saw me
Someone, with whom I’d want to spend my life

I wonder if she’s always in the wrong time zone
I wonder if fate’s waiting for the right time
I wonder if I’ll ever find her
I wonder, if I’ve already seen her somewhere
Someone, who could lie back and watch the stars with me
Someone, who’d not be afraid to name our children
Someone, whose presence, will not leave space for any other desire
Someone, whose kiss will light up my fire

I know now with you, I were never meant to be
it was life’s lesson, before I found my destiny
I wonder how many more lessons will I have to go through
I wish you were the last, I wish I find my love soon

Or perhaps there is no such thing as the one
perhaps we are meant to learn to love someone we happen to find
Perhaps destiny has no role to play
perhaps, love is about staying strong and staying together
If love is about this, then we failed love
but I know I will not fail it again
Having learnt my lesson, when I find love again
She will stay, and we will survive
‘coz love isn’t about finding the right person
it’s about living the right life with someone

Or if I don’t find someone till mid-life
Maybe I will bring home a daughter
Shower her, with all the love I have
see her grow, calling me Dad
Her eyes will say I am her king
her first love, her protector, her father
In whom she could confide, all her problems
whom she could trust, with her little secrets
Whom she can hug, when she is in sorrow
or even when elated with some great bliss
Whose hand she’d hold, when she learns to walk
whose hand she’d leave, when comes her time to walk away…

Perhaps, I have not bathed in love yet
but I know, I will not die without the rain

- Vishal Gupta

April 15th, 2013