01 May, 2013

All You Need, Is Love

All you need, is love
is for someone to hold you near, and say it’s all okay
someone, whose hand you hold, and find strength to fight the world
someone, who is the first name on your mind
in times of glee and gloom alike
Someone, who has travelled through time with you
making you better, teaching, learning and living the experience of life
Someone, lets you sleep on her lap
gently stroking your hair,
as if saying, that this is all there is to the world
this is where all happiness lies
Someone, who rests her head on your shoulder
to seek comfort, from the demons within
to find a moment of refuge, from the thoughts in her own mind

to forget anything else even exists, other than you
And lets you embrace her, telling her that she’s protected
that you’ll defend her, from all troubles
that she need not have any worries, for you’re there for her
and that you’ll always be there for her, till death and beyond

All you need, is love
For someone to hold you close, in her embrace
for someone who believes, that you’ll never let her go
even if she leaves, you’ll always call her back
For someone who believes, you won’t let her fall
that she can depend on you, entirely, forgetting self
for you shall support her, come what may
for you are there, her wall, her guide, her friend
for you shall never, lead her astray
for if she ever goes, you shall come in the way
For you are the one, who walks beside her in every road of life
‘lest she goes downhill, then you walk ahead
You need someone, to hear her breath
to hear your name, in the rhythms of her heart
To see your soul, in the depth of her eyes
to find courage, in the sound of her voice
You need to hold her close, to feel her soul
you need to earn her trust, to let her see yours

All you need, is love
to have a face to see every night before you sleep
to know she will light up your day, when the Sun rises again
to believe starting the day with her face, brings all the luck you need
to know you have someone to hold, if you see a bad dream
For sometimes all you need, is to fall asleep in someone’s arms
finding peace, between your bane and her care
knowing, that you’re never alone, as she’s there
sharing, a moment which belongs to you two, which cannot be shared

All you need, is love
to have someone sitting beside you
holding hands, saying nothing
listening, to the quiet
You both look up, to the stars
mystified, by the splendour of the night sky
yet knowing, you have someone more beautiful by your side
You try to look for your destiny, in case it’s written between the stars
you try to read if she is with you, in the life to come
You feel the grip on your hand tighten, you know she thinks so too
you look into her eyes, for words are not needed between you two
She sits closer by, trying to find comfort in your presence
you draw her close, because you just want her near you
You wonder if you should say, that her face outshines the moon
that her eyes, are the windows to her soul
where you see love, for yourself
you see fear, for she’s afraid if you ever get separated
You bring her closer, letting her know you’ll never let her go
you don’t realise, when you two come so close
perhaps she came forward, maybe you, you don’t know
but you know you want to be a part of her, you want to know her more
you wish for nothing, to come between the two of you
You feel her, in your soul, in your blood
you’re afraid to open your eyes, ‘lest she sees the fear in them
but you know you don’t need to be afraid, for you are with her

All you need, is love
for one day when the rain pours down
you will not be afraid to go out into it
you know you have her hand to hold
to go out, and feel every drop pouring down
You know the shower is a rare moment for you to share
you wish to go out, hold her in your arms
and dance, slowly leading her, being led by her
You know you can’t dance, but you know it doesn’t matter
for all you want, is to share this moment with her
to feel blessed, for having her to share it with
to know, she feels exactly the way you do
To know, she smiles for your happiness
To know, you’re satisfied because she smiles
You need this to share this moment with her
because you know without her, the rain would be incomplete

All you need, is love
for the day she leaves you, to go on leaving you behind
in a different world, vowing never to speak to you again
you’ll need her memories, to stay alive
You’ll know, your life is indebted to her love
and it was the love for her, which made you who you are
All you wish for now, is her happiness, wherever she is
is for her to smile, with her eyes as she once did
you hope to see her again, in this life or in another
you spend your days looking, at the gifts you never got a chance to give her
You regret not telling her, how much she meant to you
maybe you didn’t tell her right, that you can’t help loving her
and her going away would not change that

A day comes, when she goes on a different path
leaving you to continue without her
and all you are left with
is love

- Vishal Gupta
March 8th, 2013