05 January, 2017

A Half-Remembered Distant Dream

What are you, but a half-remembered distant dream?
Partly shattered, somewhat broken
Lost, in the chasms of time long past
Vanished, into spaces I cannot hope to reach

Was it me who pushed thee away?
Or was it you who chose to leave
Did you endure the pain such as I did?
Or did harvests of anger you reap?

I remember you, or perhaps I remember what you used to be
For the breaths you now take do not match ones I once felt close
Or perhaps you were destined to be a memory, since the beginning
Or do we write it with our own hand, as I did when yours was in mine

Questions rage, answers I may never find
much like a dream, elusive they are, to my will they do not bind
But is not a dream a fleeting moment of reality,
within the dream, is not every emotion as real as it be without?

The voices I heard, cannot be the makings of my own
for the darkness that prevails within me can never show such light
Loved we did, as did we lose,
As did we see and felt, what it was like to do

I saw the words you wrote me, slowly turning from grief to anger
Blame you I could not, having myself betrayed my own heart
I knew I saw the impending, too eager a child I was
Never taking a moment to savor the present, as did beseech your words

Yet when the future metamorphosed into the present,
I wished you by my side
When my eyes opened to the heavens
I wished my dream come alive

In hope I wake, in memories we meet,
That my dreams learn, closed eyes shall see
If I should meet thee, with eyes open some day
How should I greet thee? Not with silence and tears

If I learnt anything
Not like this

Vishal Gupta
Friday, July 10th, 2015