13 September, 2016

Our Song

Let me hold you tonight, till the end of time
for the heart has no greater desire
Who knows if we shall meet again
or shall my hopes reach my pyre

Blessed is this moment that brought you here
standing so very close to me
let me drown in the beauty
my eyes shall always crave to see
Who knows if I may find such a night again
who knows if future shall bring me this sweet pain

Come close to me, for we meet in our final moment
Hold me tight, for I’m to melt against you
Who knows if my eyes shall find tears in days to come
so hold me tight, and let me shed a few
Who knows if time will ever be merciful again
would it let you be mine, or would I have lived in vain

Let me feel your touch, your smile, your lips, your soul
Let me know you’re near so I can just be
I fall in absence, closing my eyes grappling your memories
Trying to breathe, collecting broken pieces of me
Who knows if your addiction would ever fade away
will I conquer it, or will I come to its bidding and sway

I lie to the world, put on a mask, ‘coz no one cares
But to you I’m honest, for you I try to fight despair
Entering madness, scarring myself, maybe it’s too late
My demons aren’t unbeknownst, they’re already here
Who how much longer would my nights be cursed
who knows if I’ll lose you, or myself first

I remember you lying close to me, watching your smile
I know not what goes through me, I know it’s divine
If a day of beauty is a joy forever
then you my dear are eternal sunshine
Who knows when I’ll see such a day
who knows if pain temporary, or here to stay

Now everyday is a struggle to reach the next
to breathe and survive to hope that the pain will not last
Moment by tormented moment, remembering your smile,
all the secrets we shared, all the memories rushing past
Who knows what end my sufferings see
to take me captive, or to set me free

And if you’re unable to come, worry not
Your memories never stop visiting
On the canvas of time we’ve painted
memories that keep our story living
Who knows what the future has in store for us
who knows if time offers winds of glory, or only rust

Vishal Gupta
30 May 2016