05 June, 2015

When Women Controlled the World

With this I embark my series of short stories originally intended for publication in 2014. But a backlog of articles, poems and stories have caused the delay, and I’m now able to finally start with them. So without further adieu, I present to you – When Women Controlled the World.

The world is at peace now, she thought. If only the idea had occurred to her race generations ago, millions of needless lives would have been avoided. She smiled as she looked down to a rainbow-colored car stopping below the white building.

Minor aberrations still occur, but they will be eliminated soon, she reflected, putting on the blue gloves. Just last night she’d delivered one, beautiful thing it was. She decided to let that one grow so his seed could be extracted.

By the time they realize it was us, it would be too late.

The plan was simple. Male infanticide. Elegant and treacherous. Just like her race. That was how humanity should have progressed. It’s a pity it took so long. She smiled and breathed fresh air.

They never suspected the nurses.