08 May, 2014

Vishwakriti – Part 3/4

-           6          -


Both you and me have taken countless births,

I remember them all, you don’t

I am eternal, indestructible, and the God of all creatures

yet, I compel my own nature and appear time and again


I appear, I come

Whenever virtue is harmed I come

when evil spreads I come

I come to save the good

I come to destroy the evil

I come to establish morality

I take birth in every era


I do not understand the power speaking to me

but I know I’m experiencing very few ever have

I ask this voice, why is virtue harmed in the first place?


Virtue is harmed because men cannot conquer relations and affections

He cannot put the society above himself and cannot feel to be a part of it

If this had not happened, then violence would never have taken place

women would have been respected in the society

brothers wouldn’t have fought for pieces of dirt


I remember a memory, of anger

I ask should I not be angry at the evil?


This is a decision which is yours

But evil might not be your problem alone

if the society cannot respect values at the highest levels

then that society cannot protect basic human rights

Evil is a social problem, not your personal

and it is your duty that you destroy such forces

which have caused evil

These forces are enemies of society

And people who support such forces

do not hesitate to battle them

Free yourself from your individual anger and individual affection

and fight for the welfare of the society

this is your duty


Take me for instance,

I created the society in order of qualities and actions

but I never asked for its fruit

That is why though I’m the doer, I’m not the doer

and one who understands this secret will never be consumed in his actions


I do not desire the fruit of actions, that is why my actions do not pollute me

you should also act selflessly,

and do not let the shadow of your personal desires fall on your deeds

Understand the difference between action, inaction and bad action


And what is the difference between action, inaction and bad action?


Action is self-explanatory, but the action done free of the desire of fruit is inaction

and the action which is not for the welfare of the person and society

is bad action, is adulterated

Inaction is superior to action, non-doer is superior to doer

and one who is the non-doer, who is free of the desires of fruit of action

he is wise, he is knowledgeable, he is a Yogi

For him his duty is its fruit too

That is why after completing his task he doesn’t wait for its reward

but moves towards another task

The fire of his knowledge burns the smudge of affection, anger, revenge

anxiety, profit, loss, happiness and sorrow

and purifies his action

and his action becomes inaction, and he becomes non-doer from doer

And this non-doer, this sage, asks for no luxuries other than the basic essentials for life

rest of his actions are for social welfare

This man is not polluted in action

his very life becomes a blessing for the society

Life of such a man is oblation

You too should make your life such

and in its pyre burn your desire for fruit, affection and anger, like offerings


And what is oblation?


Different people define oblation in different ways

for some oblation is the symbol of the universe

for them everything is a part of the universe

Some people oblate to please the Gods

for them worship is oblation

Some call the attempt of uniting the soul with the universal soul as oblation

Just like them, the offerings made in them are also different

some offer wealth and some action

But in reality, there are 4 kinds of oblations


First is Money, in which earned money and materials are spent for the welfare of the society

this is for the service of the public

Second is Rigor, where one makes his actions as his mortification and his life becomes Tap

even following your faith is oblation, but this faith is eternal, not religious

this is good for both the person and the society

Third is Yog, where the 8 moderations are followed

and people follow the path of thought and meditation

Life is offered to life as an offering

Fourth is Knowledge,

Though all 4 are important, but the supreme is knowledge

because knowledge is what differentiates between good and bad

and purified action in its fire and makes it auspicious

Knowledge is the highest achievement of the glory of action

and knowledge will take you free from all bonds of attachment

Only the boat of knowledge can traverse the ocean of sin

Act with knowledge, the highest knowledge is truth

the path of action is truth, the path of truth is action


I realize this world is my stage of action, and I will be judged on the scale of my actions

So there is no use of trying to run from actions, because selfless action is my duty

And my duty is my truth

But if my action is only for my benefit, then it is the path to sin

So I must become free of myself and work for the welfare of the society

this is the path to salvation

All other actions are slaves of affection, wealth and anger

and how can slaves take me to salvation?

If the society is not content, then the individual can not be happy either

if the society cries, then my eyes can’t stay dry either

If trees are cut, then I cannot have any fruit

because providing fruit and shade is the duty of the tree

But when the society needs change, I must stand up and fight for it

for that is my duty, this is the supreme knowledge

And one who has this knowledge, will have a life of oblation


You too should sail in the boat of knowledge and cross the ocean of sin

The way fire burns everything to ashes, knowledge burns the desire of the fruit,

the anger on not attaining the fruit, and the love which comes through the anger, to ashes

Always remember, there is no object or element in the world which purifies like knowledge

Knowledge is the supreme


The ordinary, who have no reverence,

who doubt everything, who are suspicion-ridden

they are destroyed

They find peace neither here nor in death

So abandon suspicions and awaken the sage within you

follow the path of knowledge, and understand

that the highest level of knowledge is renunciation of action


How can you praise both renunciation and action?


These are not contradictory, and both are advantageous

but superior among the 2 is action


Why? And How?


-           7          -


One who acts without anxiety or sorrow, he is undoubtedly a sage

and rises above debates, to free himself from worldly relations

So one who thinks renunciation different from action, is a fool

Wise never think so

Renunciation of action is just the name of renunciation of personal greed

So without action, renunciation is never possible

The man of action understands the elements

and his seeing or not, hearing or not, tasting or not, waking or not,

taking or not, leaving or not, and every action of his, is for the welfare of the society

And that is why he remains separate from sin just like a lotus

which stays in water, yet away from it

The follower of action surrenders the fruit and is received by the supreme power

and lives gaily in his body which is his home of 10 gates


Only one of selfless deeds can remain happy in his body

because the soul cannot be at peace in the haze of affection

I had never thought of it this way

But had I not left thinking of it this way, this voice would not need to have said it


The cause of man’s confusion is that his imprudence covers his wisdom

and when self-knowledge destroys imprudence,

wisdom enlightens that supreme element like the Sun

And the wise obtain the supreme truth within this mortal life

they don’t have to take birth after birth

They attain salvation within this life


So this mortal life is very important,

because after this your soul will be there,

but you won’t be there

So make this mortal life meaningful and for the welfare of the society

Knowledge is light, attain it

And if you do this, then you’ll save yourself from wandering in these confusions

in which you are wandering today

And if you save yourself from wandering, then you will find peace


I am the straight road to peace

Those who think of me as the aim of all oblation, master of all realms

and well-wisher of all creatures, they attain peace

If you think of me as your well-wisher, then listen to me and act

because you will never find peace without action

Running away from your duty is not the path of peace

This action is your duty. Follow it! And don’t think about its consequences

What will affect whom is not your problem


Treat as Yog what people call renunciation

and act free of doubt, malice and anxiety

because without leaving them one cannot be a Yogi


It is the duty of a man, to not allow his own detriment, and emancipate himself

Man himself is his own friend, and enemy

One who has won over his ego, mind and senses, is his own friend

and one who is won by these, is his own enemy


One who is at peace and balanced in heat and cold,

happiness and sorrow, praise and criticism

that stoic man is always consumed in God

But ones who eat too much or do not eat at all,

or sleep too much or do not sleep at all do not achieve this Yog

Life is the name of balance, and the Yog of a balanced man

seizes his sorrows


The way the light of a lamp is steady without wind

a Yogi stays firm without affections

Do not let the restless mind to be emancipated

Stop it, and make it an adherent of your soul

This is the solution to your confusions


Listen to me, one who listens to me in all directions and all objects

he can never go astray

I don’t forget the one who does not forget me

He lives the earthly life and yet separate from the world within me

The one who considers everyone’s emotions as his emotions is the supreme


But the mind can to astray on the path of Yog


Ofcourse it can!


So what is the result of this erring in the path of the universe?

is the errant destroyed like a cloud is dispersed?


-           8          -


Whether in life or death, people who work for the good and pious will never be distressed

Think of me, rely of me in your Yog, you shall attain my doubtless knowledge

I am the greatest truth

I am the thread in which all nature is knotted like gems

I am the flavor in water; I am the light of the Sun and the Moon

I am the knowledge of all scriptures; I am also the sound in the universe

I am the pure scent in the Earth; I am the glow in fire

I am the life in creatures; I am the austerity of sages

I am the first seed

I am the wisdom of the wise; I am the glory of the glorious;

I am the selfless strength in the strong too

I am also the desire which does not go against duty in creatures

I am in all, but I am separate from all too

I am indestructible, I’m definitionless

I know all creatures of the past, present and future, but no one knows me

I am the father of the world, and the mother too, and also the provider

I am the holy books

I am the master and I am the refugee

I am the creator, and the destroyer

I am the source of everything, I am everything

I am heat, I am rain

I am the indestructible seed of the world

I am a very dear friend of everyone, but I am equal for all

Neither is anyone loved by me, nor unloved

But those to worship me with faith, they are within me and I in them


This voice within me, is not earthly

this is the universe supreme, supreme purifier

this is perpetual, this is the divine element

You are God, you are unborn

Only you have the knowledge to yourself,

You are within me, you give me all answers

I know all I need is within, because you are there

but how do I know you? How do I recognize you?

Please tell me in detail


There is no end to my detail, even then, since you ask

I am the soul living in the hearts of all creatures


I am the beginning, the middle and the end of the end

I am the preserver among the sons of light

I am wind among air, Sun among lights, Moon among heavens


I am religion among knowledge; thunder among Gods

I am mind among senses; and consciousness in creatures

I am trident among weapons; wealth among desires

I am fire among elements; and Everest among mountains

I am Jupiter among planets; commander among warriors; and ocean among water-bodies;

I am the foremost among priests; Om among voices

I am victory among oblations; and Himalaya among ranges

I am Fig among trees; information among resources

I am music among arts; and seer among sages

I am horse among animals; trunk in elephants; and king among men

I am victory in wars; fulfillment of desires

I am love among emotions; and snake among reptiles


I am the balance in men; time in measures

I am the lion among forest dwellers; and eagle among birds

I am the ideal among generations; A among alphabets

I am the never-ending time; I am the all seeing eye

I am death; I am the beginning of all who are yet to be born

and whose beginning has not begun yet


I am fame, constancy, memory, intellect, humility and forgiveness in women

I am spring among seasons; and the lusture of the illustrious

I am virtue, I am victory, I am effort

I am finest among bloodlines; and Arjun among Pandavs

I am the divine among mysteries; Shakespeare among poets

I am the seed of creation; be it moving or still, cannot be without me

I am life of creatures, and existence of beings


My eyes have opened;

clouds of dilemma and doubt have dispersed

What you said is the truth, and there is no truth apart from it

But I wish to see your divine form