23 December, 2013


Have people lost their rational touch
or I haven’t yet met anyone as such?
Racism dwells, irrationality breeds
Societies are prompt to offer critique
Where did our “clear stream of reason” drain?
Why have we simply stopped using our brain?
The questions you know, the answer you ask
for which you need to put away your hippocritic mask
Deceit never looked like a maze,
but deceiving yourself? When did this trait raise?
But this is the age of facts, which I’m yet to deliver
So have you what you will, and let pain be your teacher
Because pain is the ultimate teacher, only after experience
as its teachings are not forgotten, even by the weakest men

You dwell in chasms of society still
which tells you when to wake and what to drink
You are told what fashion is and what is customary
your laws bind you in rules obligatory
You work to earn the comforts of life
which you forsake for in work you strife
You are told to settle, yet dream to travel
you are told to read, yet constrict imagination
The schools you go to ask you to excel sciences
so you may be able to pay the generations artists
When did this madness, creep into our civilization
was it when kings abandon jesters for lawyers in the kingdom?
Or was it when parents failed to understand that change was inevitable?
Or was it simply when we decided carelessness brought a mind more stable?

And we built the world around those notions
Justifying, clarifying, stirring and mixing the potions
till all that was left was an irreparable broth
which seldom boils, and reveals its wroth
Soon, God which once gave us power to survive,
now became the reason for the fights
It happened when needs became wants and wants became possessions
when hunger became greed and greed became satisfaction

I, for once have joined the League of Dreamers
who say if you don’t fit in, you’re the one who’s being the right person
Who wake up, just to put smiles on others faces
and sometimes indulge, in their own escapades
Who breathe to love, live and let go
who search for gentle breezes and with them blow
Who just look for angels with a broken wing
who judge a man’s character, by what makes them angry
Who know, that love is the answer to everything
who know, that experiences are the only things ever lasting

Who don’t run away from the storm, but calmly welcome it
who find it difficult, to swim downstream
Who run and fall and sing and cry
who cherish all experiences alike
Who are shade in the sun, oasis in deserts
who prefer to win not kingdoms but hearts
Who’re deemed by the world as crazy, misfits, troublemakers and rebels
But who infact push the human race forward and change the world

These are the League of Dreamers
33 years ago, someone left out an invitation
Would you join?

Vishal Gupta
November 29th, 2013