17 July, 2016

Screams of the Soul

Silent screams echo through the soul
hitting cold walls of empathy,
traveling through the void of the mind
afraid, anxious, petrified, to ask – Why?

Distractions become the norm
for truth is too hard to be faced
countless hours of sleep shield from reality
only to guide into the realm of dreams vilified

The heart bellows for peace, Alas! none can be found
for every step further, is really one back in the grime
Tears of surrender rush through eyes
Eyes hollow, vacant, looking up for a sign divine

What is left when fate robs the soul of imagination?
What? When myriads of noises cannot produce a single sound
Shaking hands write words for empty eyes
And the world we live in continues to turn around

Days turn to months and months to years
with life being expended as time marches by
Will a day come when we shall ask ourselves questions true?
Or shall we forget them in a life rusted to the hue?

We drown such sentiments on wet nights and empty holidays
with no strength to face the questions kept at bay
In a mad rush of meat and mead we forget reason
Not caring if we are pardoned, or shall be indicted in future

Ignorance is a common respite, yet shamefully so
For sentience is nature of glories whatever little be
All know, yet none acknowledge
Waiting, biding, till the wheel stops at their time

But I speak too much, for man possess no such elaborate thought
Evolved to nurture comfort, man remains a slave of dopamine
Quick to anger, late to let go, rushing for respite, anyhow that might
Sans reason sans judgment sans honor sans human

Wearing masks of habit, man veils his true nature
trying to live without prying eyes of society
In so he forgets, he is the one creating society
that the mask which hides him, works on both sides

Screams such mar the soul of sentiment
leaving behind a carcass of what was once human emotion
Sympathy, empathy, love, tragedy, become relics of the past
And I breathe, waiting for life as it lasts

Vishal Gupta
March 2016