17 April, 2015

Oh Baby

Written with my friend, Atul Kumar

Oh Baby

Oh baby, close your eyes
Hold my hand, lets go fly
Oh baby, I wanna see you wild
Let go off, your hidden side

Oh baby, when I am with you
Grass is green & skies are blue

Oh baby, I can travel a thousand miles
Just to see your, beautiful eyes
Your truth are lies, your lies are true
You know that, I’ll always love you

Oh baby, never leave my side
Just hold me near, just hold me tight
And if I ever leave, just call me back
Just don’t let go, just don’t lose track

Oh baby, let me be your choice
To the world outside, let me be your voice
Let me touch your lips, let me draw you near
Let me hold your hand, let me fight your fears

Oh baby, I wanna be your smile
Wanna share your tears, everytime you cry
I will be your pillar, your strength your joy
I will be your hero, your lover boy

Atul Kumar & Vishal Gupta
April 15th, 2014