18 October, 2014


DSitting in an abyss of oblivion,

waiting, for the next big adventure

I see chasms of emptiness, around, surround

me and I try to find meaning


In art, in my favorite literature

In poetry which mesmerizes the soul

In the voice of a captivating speaker, motivating millions

In the silence of meditation, I try, I fail


For it is not what the mind knows what it wants

it is the blessing of that unexpected moment, which brings a smile

The unexpected word of a friend, the gift unforeseen

The metallic voice from the machine which says, someone remembers


And going through the list of those I wish to catch the attention of

My eyes return to a name, a face – auspicious, grand, gorgeous

With a cute round face and straight hair, she stands proudly and smiles at me

And I don’t know why, I’m drawn to her


She embodies a mentor, whose words guided me through a dark period

and her silhouette glows with our teacher’s wisdom

Yet, I’ve hardly spoken to her, I don’t know if she would like to

I do know her learnings, will take her on a journey I wish to accompany her on


And so I leave my inhibitions behind, believing a lose thread connects us

Never having been so direct before, I ask her to join me for supper

Taken aback she is, for few have dared to approach her so direct

Amused I am, and anxious for her response


I know not where the story leads, I know not if I care

I know not if she would be a friend, or more or nothing at all

But sometimes, you need to give life that chance

to take a step ahead and discover someone

for that someone you might not be able to afford to miss

Sometimes, you need to take that leap

and let your fall guide the rest of the way

Sometimes, you need to walk out in the rain

let the breeze touch you

and discover, Monsoon


Vishal Gupta

July 19th, 2014