23 April, 2014

Vishwakriti – Part 2/4

-           4          -


I feel as if time had stopped, to listen to me talk to myself

at the crossroads of my life, time too wants answers it had not found yet

I wonder, am I talking to myself, or am I talking to time?

Am I talking to myself, or my past, present and future?

Are my questions only mine, or have they been sought before?

Are my questions relevant today, will they be tomorrow?

Till time continues to flow, humankind will need to face these questions

I am not the only one asking these questions, time is asking them with me

every day, in every era, there have been crossroads, and there will be crossroads

So if you wish to face your past and present,

so turn towards your dilemmas and find your answers within yourselves

a voice will speak to you, the voice of reason, the voice of your heart, the voice of God

and find the answers to your questions, which have bothered you perpetuity


Yet, I am unable to stand up

something held me back from action

I still do not understand the use of action

I still do not know, what action might convert to

I know you want neither materialistic pleasures nor fame nor heaven

Look beyond happiness sadness profit loss victory defeat

Till now I spoke in terms of knowledge and wisdom

which can look through life

and can reach to the depth of truth to understand the voice of its soul

But maybe you got lost in its immortality


So weight this moment on the scales of treatment and behavioral duty

even then, you shall reach the same conclusion

Decide your action on the basis of your behavioral duty

you will reach the same conclusion, that your action in your duty is essential

The only reason why you are indecisive

is because you are judging this moment from a personal stance

This is the bond of love; this is the root of your misery

And this is why this coward, disgraced and dastardly grief is neither in your well being

not in the welfare of the society

This grief is neither good for the present, nor the future

Do not be swayed in these hopes of benefit and loss

only do your duty


Duty itself is holy, pure and good for the society

Action itself is the fruit

But if you mix your own benefits in social welfare then that action of yours

will be impure and wretched

So walk on the path of selfless action

because the result of the action is not in your hands

So perform your duty, and do not worry about the fruit it bears


I wonder, how is this selfless action possible?

the vision of the result is the motivation for action

So if the vision of the result is not present

then why would I do anything at all?


You shall do anything, because deedless life is not possible

You will do something

Either you’ll eat, or you shall stay hungry

You shall feed, or you shall starve

Or you shall perform your duty, or you shall not

These are the only options you have,

but the results of your deeds  are not in your hands

Your rights end on the boundaries of your decisions and deeds

the results of the deeds are not in your hands

Even if you wish to win, it would not result in you winning

you might lose too

But, if you are not attracted towards victory, then defeat too wont scare you

If you think that victory and defeat do not matter

yet you shall perform your acts because it is your duty

then there arises no question of the glory of victory or sorrow of defeat

And the man who is neither happy in victory nor sad in defeat

only that man is unmoved in all circumstances

So, do not think of the rewards or loses of your actions

do what you can do, that is, your duty

Understand this, that you have only the options of action and inaction

but the scope of your rights end with your deeds

The result of the actions is not your right

You may be a great thinker,

but if the truth does not match to your ideas in the slightest

then you are wrong

Your rights are on your understandings; your rights are on your theories

but you have no right on the truth

Good men never cross the boundaries of their rights

So be firm in your actions

Because the efficiency of your actions, is Yog


Yog! What is Yog?


Yog is the efficiency of deeds

Rejection of attractions is efficiency of deeds

Being free of attractions and performing your duties is the efficiency of deeds

Being steady in both victory and defeat is efficiency of deeds


I find myself intrigued

till yesterday, I faced these confusions of action and procrastination

Were these answers always within me?

or has divine light today shined on me

These are answers, I find within

answers I have known all along

Is it something new I’ve been told

or has my soul carried this knowledge from time immemorial

Perhaps till yesterday, the noise of the world blocked out this knowledge from me

but today, I hear myself in silence

So was the world my enemy till now, or was I myself mine?


But right now, I cannot stop to think this

right now, I am the medium this divine energy flows to the world

So this is not the time to stop myself and ponder away

this is the time, to do my duty of the medium I am


So I turn to myself again, and ask the signs

of an ideal man steady in action

I wish to be one, but I do not know the traits of one

How does he behave, how does he communicate?


There is no difficulty is knowing the ideal man

Like him, free yourself from your desires

and be free of your personal desires

Go beyond happiness and sorrow and be content in yourself

Then you shall neither burn in the fire of sorrow nor shall you wet in the rain of happiness

The ideal man is the person, who stays the same in happiness and sorrow

and none can break this balance of his

When he speaks, then he does not speak from the shallows of happiness or sorrow

but from the depths of his soul

he speaks not of attraction, but of selfless action


He sits within himself, like a tortoise

he is his own fort

Meaning, his senses are in his control

and only that man can control his senses,

who can control his mind


The ordinary man thinks of the object

and the attachment to an object makes him vulnerable

This attraction gives birth to yearning

When the yearning is not satisfied, then anger is born

This anger increases the love for the object

This love takes away the strength to think

When thought is lost, wisdom is destroyed

And when wisdom is destroyed, then the man is destroyed


Your attachment is taking you to the destruction of wisdom

Just think, if one doesn’t have the wisdom then how will he find peace?

He cannot distinguish peace from turmoil

and how can one who cannot distinguish peace from turmoil be happy?

The way gusts of wind disturb the path of a boat,

desires disturb the path of thoughts


Ancient words come back to be

as I think of what I learn

A great slave your mind is to you

but at the same time a terrible master


So keep your senses in your control,

do not come in their control

Listen to me and understand

that when the world sleeps, then a sage awakens

and when the world is awake, the sage sleeps


What are these sleep and awakening?

What are these night and day?


I never spoke of night and day,

I merely spoke of sleep and wake

The wake of the ordinary man, is to earn and enjoy something

this is the aim of his consciousness

If he is hungry then he looks for food

if he is thirsty, he looks for water

if he wants to save himself from seasons, he looks for a house

His thought is for himself


But a sage does not think of objects

he thinks beyond personal hunger and thirst

he does not think of the fruit fallen from the tree,

he thinks of the tree and the forest


The ordinary man needs wood for fuel

so he will cut trees till forest are destroyed

The sage thinks of the importance of forests in nature

he thinks of the balance of nature

of the relationship between forests and nature


So, what is day for the senses of ordinary men

is night for the sage

because he has crossed the boundations of senses

And what is night for the senses of ordinary men

is day for the sage

because in that silence, his sentience rises

The sage thinks of the problems, and also their solutions

And this is what separates him from ordinary men


Truth is beyond the reach of senses

It’s not that the sage does not feel hungry, he does

but he looks beyond his hunger

and thinks, what is the answer to hunger

That is why the day of ordinary man, is the sage’s night

and the one who saves himself from this ordinary man’s night

is the ideal man


Ordinary men are like those rivers, who flow with anxiousness

but they do not know their path

they just flow without a vision because for them, only flowing is their duty

And they let out all their water, all their anxiety in the ocean

Yet, the ocean does not cross the boundaries of its shores

Likewise, the rivers of desires take ordinary men flowing with them

but when they come to a sage, the sage absorbs them

and does not cross the boundaries of his rights

So, you should also be the ocean

The ocean is a sage, the ocean is wise

You should also be wise, because wisdom is right


Startled, I ask my inner voice

if wisdom is right, then why do you suggest this tough path of action

You have confused me,

if wisdom is better than action, then why should I act at all?

Why shouldn’t I turn a sage, and pursue the path of knowledge

I ask for the path of felicity, please show me that path


-           5          -


There are 2 kinds of people in the world

Introverts and extroverts

The introverts try to find God within themselves

this is the Yog of knowledge

And the extroverts try to find God outside themselves

but there’s no recluse from action

Because finding it within is action too

So, these are the only 2 paths

one of knowledge, another of action


So why shouldn’t I walk on the path of knowledge?


But even knowledge is not the path to abandon action and gain success

because life itself is not possible without action

If you have eyes then they will inevitably see

if you have eyelashes then they will inevitably wink

if you have ears then they will inevitably hear

One who stands in the way of senses,

one who forcibly suppresses them and thinks

he is not a Yogi, not wise, he is a living lie


The wise comes to control his senses, not to suppress them

he doesn’t live closing his eyes

The journey of life is not possible without action

People will atleast breathe!

If there is a scent or stench in the environment,

then he is subject to experience it

If there is a song or sound or clamor near him

then his ears won’t wait for his permission to hear it


That is why one who keeps his senses in balance

one who keeps his senses within the boundaries of rationality

one who turns them towards action and shows them the path of action

only he is supreme


He understands his options and uses his willpower

and, doing fated tasks is better than doing nothing

Now this is true that eyes see

but what they see and what they do not see is determined by the wise himself

He does not give complete freedom to his eyes to see

to his ears to hear or to his legs to walk


At this point of options,

the difference between wise and ordinary is realised

that is why action is essential,

because it is impossible for the body to live without it

But act like the wise


Perform your duties like an oblation

because action is an oblation

and its source is the indestructible universe

and so the path of action goes straight to the universe

And so, the man who does not contribute in the universal cycle

his life becomes valueless

Do not go towards that worthlessness


One who thinks only of his problems is a sinner

so come out of this web of fascination and realize your duties and follow them

The desire of the fruit of action is the obstacle in the way

The aspiration of the fruit of action is the rock around one’s neck

which does not allow them to come above their own surface

This cuts the person from the society

and pushes him in the marsh of personal gain or personal loss


The society is not within you, you are in the society

so consider public charity and public welfare as your primal duty

because what will be good for the society will also prove good for you

The action for public charity will bring you success

Personal benefit is the foundation of sin

because it strays the person for self-accomplishments


And do not forget that you are a great man

and people will see you as an ideal and follow you on the path of lust and greed

because the behavior of a great man predictably becomes a parable

Take me for instance


There is nothing in the 3 worlds which is essential for me to do

and there is nothing in the 3 worlds which I wish to attain, and I cannot

yet I speak to you, performing my duty

showing that, proving that it is possible to live with selfless action


I’m startled, what is this voice saying to me

at this point the voice talking to me seems to have changed

as if it is not me, but someone else speaking

But who? I don’t understand. None but God can speak in this manner

None other can say that there is nothing in the 3 worlds

which they wish to attain, and cannot

It says there is nothing in the 3 worlds worth doing for it

yet, it is acting

That if it does not act, then the world will see it as an example

and will denunciate action and the action-cycle will stop

And if it is stopped then society will be destroyed

and it will be held responsible for this destruction


These words couldn’t have been made in my mind

these are not the words of any ordinary or special man

Even if a learned sage uttered them,

it would still be called a display of arrogance

Yet, this voice did not seem to speak in arrogance at all


This scares me,

If this voice asks me to battle now,

then forgetting all my weaknesses even I would arm myself

So will I act now? I know the answer to this question

but acting out of time is not my right

God did not want me to step up yet,

and I was not going to leave the present I was experiencing

So I wait for my future to be born from the present

This wait is also my action

So I return to the voice which talks to me about my battles


Even ordinary men act, but only with the vision of their own greed

the action of the wise is selfless,

to preserve the balance of the world, for public welfare

So do not take any burden on your soul

dedicate your actions to me and fight your battles

Even death in the part of duty is celebratory

even the most heinous acts on the path of duty do not sin you

because following your duty is sin ridden

Those who are a part of your action become noble,

so will you on your path of action

So follow your duty, because the path of righteousness cannot be the path of sin


When you speak of sin then tell me,

why is man compelled to sin sometimes

what compels him?


He is compelled by his lust; he is compelled by his selfishness

he is compelled to sin by his anger, by his affection

recognize these enemies

The way smoke covers fire, or dust covers mirror, or Moon covers Sun

wisdom is covered by lust, anger and desire


The fire of lust and greed destroy wisdom,

and is the enemy of the wise

Purify the fire, cleanse the mirror,

and moderate your senses

to kill these enemies of wisdom and knowledge


Senses are superior to objects, and the mind is superior to the senses

Wisdom is superior to mind, and the soul is superior to wisdom

So worry for the soul, and try to rise above the body, senses, mind and wisdom

You are my friend, and my disciple, so I wish to tell you that knowledge

ARJUNA_BOW_by_VISHNU108which has been lost for a long time

But in the beginning of the universe, I gave this to the Sun

and the Sun gave it to Adam, who gave it to the first king


What am I hearing! Knowledge to the Sun?

But I and surely this voice I hear are of the modern day

and the Sun is ancient

so how could this knowledge have been given to the Sun

at the beginning of the Universe?