20 October, 2013

The Carpet Of Dreams

Tread soft, for you may not know who shares the carpet
you may not know how far it goes
where this magic carpet takes you
but it shall be your destination you know

The floor below looks warm
Inviting it appears, but not worth
stepping off the carpet of dreams
where each step makes your destiny brighter

But don’t step light too often
Seldom, dance on your dreams
go wild, invite someone, play games, sleep on your carpet
This is too precious a rug to let by, without having lived each emotion

Only when you make your dreams your life
only when you really drown in the sea
only, when you become one with them
when you lose track of what’s dream and what’s real

Do you come close to your dreams
it may not lead you where you wished to reach
But you shall reach the destination you created for yourself
Often, not the same places

So dance, walk, run, jump, sleep
for you have found your carpet of dreams
Much like the ground once beneath you
this carpet is now a part of you

And when you make the carpet a part of your soul
Your dreams take flight
Showing you the wonders of this world and beyond
so dance to the tune of life and let your carpet of dreams take flight

Vishal Gupta

October 4th, 2013