08 March, 2013

Final Frontiers - Chapter 7/8

BarCap भी आके चली गयी
Big 4 भी गरज कर बरस गये
पर Interview की एक झलक को हम
  TNP वाले तरस गये
कब होने लगेंगे fair selection
दिन रात ये दुखरा रहता है

तेरे TNP Notice Board पे
मेरा नाम नही कभी दिखता है
अफ़सोस ये है, के open for all भी
CG cut-off रखता है

15 days of placements had passed by which included the company which co-incidentally was a high-paying company which came late and co-incidentally was managed by the PlaceComs of AutumnFest and co-incidentally took the remaining candidates of AutumnFest. Purely on the basis of merit though.

But then came day 16, I remember that day vividly. I was peacefully playing Nero Cricket on my computer when Raghavendra barged into my room.

‘Dude! You’ve been shortlisted in Zibense,’ he announced.
‘Are you phuking kidding me? That test went horrible.’
‘Check the Notice Board!’

As it turned out, I WAS shortlisted by the company. I wondered how. I hadn’t attemped half the questions in the test as it was a coding company with a software job, something which repulsed me as sense repulses the monetary system. Anyways, once shortlisted it was mandatory to go for the interview, else I would be debarred from the placements. Not that getting debarred would’ve changed much for me; but I still didn’t want to get thrown out. The interviews were to start at 2 PM as per the Notice Board. It was 1:30 PM now. I quickly arranged my file, ironed my clothes, shaved, got dressed and cycled wildly to the placement complex. It didn’t come as a big surprise when I was told that the interviews were later by an hour and I should report at 3 PM. I saw no point in going back to my hostel and decided to wait in the computer lab.  Researching about the company would prove to be a better use of time. At 2:50 I checked on the Notice Board for any updates. This is what it said,

URGENT – Revised Shortlist for Zibense                              14:46 hours | 16.12.2012

The following students have been shortlisted for Zibense. Shortlisted candidates are to reach the interview venue by 3 PM. Please note that the previous notice regarding Zibense stands cancelled.

What followed was a list of the names of 17 students. Mine wasn't. For some time, I didn’t know how to react. I went back to the Notice Board and tried to find the old notice with my name on it. The notice had been taken off. I didn't even know that a Notice could be taken off from the webpage. I didn’t know whether to be sad for myself or be angry. Yes I wasn’t doing anything important but that doesn’t mean you can get me formally dressed, call me, make me wait for an hour and then after I happen to chance upon the Notice Board I get to know that it was all futile. I immediately went to the TNP Control Room only to find it locked. There was no PlaceCom in the area. I didn’t know how to react but there was only one way I could react. I went to the parking lot, took my cycle, and left for my hostel.

I still didn’t know what to do. Not only my time had been wasted by something completely useless, after 17 days of placements it creates a mental pressure. And after that to be treated like this, the least I deserved was an explanation. My problem was, no one was hurt if I wasn’t given any.

What followed was something I’ve been asked not to mention for the sake of "the institute’s reputation." I choose not to say it on this blog only to avoid the drama and trouble I faced later that day. In case you want the story, please ask a PlaceCom and they'll be happy to elaborate their side of the story. Infact they were able to keep on elaborating it till I hung up the phone. I was particularly amazed at their ability to keep  on speaking on a topic which even they know is a lost cause. I believe you really do need some talent to be one of them. On my side, all you'll hear is a rant of the irresponsible behaviour of the committee at that point of time.

Dear PlaceCom, if you read this, I hope you understand why I did what I did and atleast a call to give some information would’ve been common courtesy. But then, who cares about common courtesy to someone who can’t shove a rod up your ass. Right?